Be Healthy and Fit: Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet

If you have undergone gastric sleeve procedure, also known as bariatric sleeve surgery, for sure, you have been advised about some sleeve gastrectomy diet recipes. Having such procedure done to your stomach gives you a few food restrictions hence the reason for the diet. You stomach has shortened and can only accommodate very little amounts of food. After the procedure, you are advised to go on an all liquid diet such as soups, stews and noodles for some days to let your stomach wounds heal plus hard, solid food after the procedure would be hard for your stomach to digest as it is still adjusting to its new size. A gastric sleeve, one of the more modern types of bariatric sleeve surgery, requires some changes on your eating habits to avoid any malfunctions or complications which can result from a bad sleeve gastrectomy diet.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet: What you ought to eat

In the hospital, they will only give you sugar-free liquids as your stomach can only tolerate liquid foods. And for your better stays at the hospitals they will give pureed food that are low-fat and low-sugar such as pureed fruits and vegetables, mashed potatoes with applesauce and pureed meat. Your diet after the procedure is the most restricted diet to allow healing time of your stomach to proceed. Once you have been discharged, you stomach is now ready to accommodate solid foods, but only the soft ones.

It is mostly recommended to stay with this diet for about three to four weeks upon discharge. You can now eat poached eggs, cottage cheese which should be low-fat as well, pudding which should be low-sugar, and oatmeal. If you want to be safe, ask a nutritionist or your doctor to devise a gastric bypass diet plan for you to make sure you are eating the right foods. Any person who recently had this procedure done must strictly follow their sleeve gastrectomy diet to ensure no complications and malfunctions will happen.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet: In a nutshell

Having your stomach tailored to a size way smaller than the usual will help you loose weight faster but at the same time stay healthy. Incorporate sugar-free and low-fat foods such as extend bars into your sleeve gastrectomy diet and maintain a healthier, leaner body.

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